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Triggered by stimuli that are coming from the outside, picked up by our senses, thinking happens to  a large part unconsciously. Results are thoughts, e.g. ideas, topics, concepts/models, plans or measures. A final explanation how thinking works is not available yet. However, it is mainly assumed that everyone has its own view onto the world. This results  from personal angle of view, interest and expectations in this specific moment. Actual thinking is affected by associations, which are released automatically and are as individual as a fingerprint. This includes mental models that were developed in the  course of life, memories, which result from past events, as well as abilities, which are continuously acquired and difficult to express as words. We realize partly results of thinking, and then we process them. The far larger parts are unconscious results,  which affect uncontrolled and constitute our Intuition, i.e. the gut feeling.

The newest insights showed that even rational decisions are prepared unconsciously. Thus, thinking  requires new approaches. Means during the meaning design are models, which help organizing thoughts, e.g. structured explanation, solution and system models. Results of thinking are the foundation for effective communication.


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©memecon 2011-2018
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