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Target groups

Target groups are individual, groups, organizations and networks. In the respective application target  groups are defined by geography, economic sectors and the like. Concentration on target groups enables a better allocation of procedures and tools.

The Individual is one human with her/his perception, nature, communication as well as his/her thinking  and doing. They are characterized by context, actions, skills and convictions as well as by identity and affiliation to a larger whole. A group consists of several people that form a unit based on common goals, values, rules, language or the like. They  have a mutual cohesion and solidarity to each other. An organization is an abstract thing defined by individuals and groups with a structure and defined relationships. So in an organization are common group characteristics (e.g. common rules) as well  as structures based on strict division of labor that are planned, existent for a certain time and held together by a system of formal rules. A network consists of legally independent units that on one hand are competitors that cooperate at the same time.  On the other hand, a network is characterized by common goals and structures, which are challenged by polycentric, alternating power and decision authority.

Meaning design responds particularly to the different mixes the mental models and cultures. The various  approaches and tools adapt themselves to the respective target group and stakeholder profiles.


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