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The process of meaning design consists of the three main phases: idea development, communication management  and business designing.

In idea development feelings are consolidated into ideas, then to topics and finally into alternative  concepts. Steps are: gather ideas, structure topics, and develop concepts...

In communication management, context-related information is prepared, published, discussed and agreed. Steps are plan communication, publishing, explanation and motivation.

Business Designing converts selected and communicated concepts. Business engineering, information management, benchmarking, project management and similar management practices are used. With business designing starts a continuous improvement cycle, in  which organization, processes are adapted to business practice. Steps are businesses engineering and change management.

Idea development
Idea development is the part of meaning design, in which ideas are developed, topics are structured and concepts are developed. Information age gave us a …
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Communication management
Communication management takes care of a target-group-oriented formatting of the respective concept. In addition, the publication process is accompanied, arising  …
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Business designing
In the context of business, designing the practice-oriented, detailed arrangement of concepts communicated takes place. In business engineering begins the …
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