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Operating conditions

The operating conditions of meaning design depend on the intended change dynamics and the target group.  Individuals look primarily for sense. A group looks for identity, an organization for mission and a network for joint interest. Depending upon change dynamics it is about different challenges of meaning. At the beginning on the level of insight, identity  of individuals or Groups is sought. With appropriate self-confidence differences between the own view and the perception of others can be corrected on the level of balance. As soon as the change pressure becomes so strong that the first change steps are  considered the level of the improvement is reached. If change pressure continues to increase and fundamental transformation becomes necessary, then on the Level of the alteration radical changes, i.e. fundamental renewal, omission of unwanted parts, replacement  of old rules take place.

Move the mouse in the following graphic on a field that interests you, e.g. individual, improvement. It appears a short list with topics, that can be improved by meaning design.

Meaning design requires the more effort, the more people are involved. However, not only the number  of different perspectives increases complexity. In addition, the cultural characteristics of different organizations in the enterprises or different companies in a network increase the efforts.


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©memecon 2011-2018
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