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Memes are part of everything that humans originally create and think - or how  it expresses M. Csikszentmihalyi „any permanent pattern of matter or information produced by an act of human intentionality". The science of meme is memetics, which concentrates on the mechanisms of memes,  e.g. fidelity replication, fertility, longevity. Of special interest is the contagiousness of memes, which leads to a virulent spread. Like a typical spore, which spreads by air and nests in a host intentionally or unintentionally, the spore achieves  to spread quasi-automatically over wide areas. Meme has different layers: content, aura and sphere. In the core are the essential contents, e.g. name, a short definition, contentual aspects (e.g. goal, context) and preferred media. In the aura are the  memes elements, which extends content e.g. assumptions, which are suggested, attraction factors, e.g. simple manageability as well as factors of the cohesion, e.g. common culture. The sphere contains the elements that deal with the context of memes, e.g.  the attitude of the observers, the triggers of memes usage, the actual benefit of memes as well as their qualities, e.g. replication fidelity, longevity.

Meme can be arranged into different meme types, like e.g. strategy, differentiation, association and  motivation memes. This defines the general intention of a meme.

Strategy memes are instructions, e.g. processes, cultures, paradigms. They affect during rational change  processes as defaults. Differentiation memes serve as classifications, for example definitions, prejudices, models. They serve the rational stabilization of circumstances. Association memes describe mental models, e.g. metaphors, interpretations, memories.  Thus, circumstances are intuitively stabilized. Motivation memes are anchors for positive developments, e.g. activating conceptions and reframes. They affect intuitively during change processes.

Beyond that memes go through different development stages: from idea, topic, concept/model, plan, up to practice. This way memes become more and more concrete.

At the beginning, memes are only very vaguely perceptible as ideas. The contentual aspects (e.g. functions,  procedures, results) must still be made concrete. Problem and goal specifications are defined for the topic. A concept/model results finally from various thought alternatives. Here the contentual aspects are prepared. In the plan, the implementation aspects  are planned contentually, scheduled, organized and communicated. Well-defined meme develops here its strength replicating easily and that way promote the realization. Eventually meme is in the stage of practice, i.e. they are applied and evolutionarily  developed further.

The dealing with meme supports the designing of meaning, since a meme represents the actual core of a message in a compressed way. Together with the use of the meme mechanisms, this leads to new ways for marketing, the creation of acceptance and the improved  realization of projects.


©memecon 2011-2018
©memecon 2011-2018
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