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Meaning is contentual nature of humans, things and conceptions. Different variations (purport, expression,  significance, activity) are recognized pro-actively, interpreted and understood. Meaning is derived from the german word "Meinung" that means "opinion". In this context the old german word ‚thiuten ` (i.e. to show with the finger, refer, and interpret)  is a good key to ‘meaning’. In this current sense, it exists already since 1000 AD.

Meaning content is the actual content, the essence of a message as lexical definition, circumstance or assumption. This core is free of expressions, which do not offer additional knowledge. The expression is created on an additional level of meaning by  sensuous sub-modalities, e.g. color (e.g. ‚red’ means attention), rhythm (e.g. slow rhythm suggests tranquility), weight (e.g. ‚heaviness’ suggests importance). Harmony of the sub-modalities with the message decides whether  this will undermine or encourage it. Imagine the impact of a green stop sign. The interpretation of modalities can strongly differ culturally and geographically. Significance defines the relevance, evaluation or classification into a Structure, e.g. importance  of a person, reason for a goal, social position. Evaluations are subjectively developed and aligned to the environment. The evaluation of a long-term goal is surely evaluated differently by a strategy-oriented manager than of a practice-oriented one. Activity describes cause, doing or result, e.g. trigger for events, explanation for doing, and presentation of side effects. These procedural explanations result from personal experiences and mental models. A howling siren can lead to a curious search  of the cause or a fearful urge to the next emergency exit.

First, Doktor Faust had to recognize the core of the poodle (i.e. the gist of matters), before he could  argue with it. For further detail look into Goethe’s Faust. The reduction of a statement to its meaning releases it from rhetorical ballast and decorations, creates thereby clarity and allows more concise formulations and actions.

Purport, the actual expression, is the rest that remains, after all redundant, additionally explaining or decorating information are eliminated. This actual .…
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During the formal designing, it is a matter of sensuous sub-modalities. Above all, sensuous perception styles of the receivers have to be understood, in order to  .…
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Significance describes classifications, evaluations and meaningfulness of a person or an object. Examples are reputation, rank, power, fame and position, e.g. rank  in .…
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Activities represent statements by appropriate behavior or doing. This can be causes, actions and results. Causes explain for example triggers, reasons and origins  of .…
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©memecon 2011-2018
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