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Meaning carriers are processing instances, memory and transmitters of meaning. Without meaning carrier  signification does not become visible. The crucial meaning carriers are humans, because only they are able to produce, process, store and, above all, to interpret meaning. This is particularly done by thinking, but indirectly also in machines, e.g. analysis  software, which uncovers computer-assisted pattern. However, humans are needed to interpret the results of computation. Meaning is also in things, i.e. artifacts, created by humans. Here meaning can be found in the form, function as well as in the brand-image  of the object. Without meaning carrier, meaning is not visible and cannot be conveyed. Sometimes there is an object, but the meaning was lost over time and slipped in the latency phase. Everybody knows the stone-age cave paintings of Lascaux, whose painters  cannot explain their intention, whereby their meaning is hidden today. Are these ritual representations, astronomical constellations of stars, history books? Meanings are not only lost, but also always continue to develop further and create themselves  based on new discoveries repeatedly, e.g. insights of quantum physics.

In meaning design meaning carrier are the platform for the design and spreading of meaning. The dealing  with its characteristics improves the transmission quality, which leads finally to a better transfer of messages. The core question is: How is meaning anchored in meaning carrier?


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©memecon 2011-2018
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