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Management consultation covers the variants of personality and organizational development, co-ordination,  communication, implementation support and change management. Here it concerns holistic consultation, which combines contentual, methodical and evaluation-oriented deliverables with coaching. Substantial field of deployment are changes that have to be  mastered by individuals, teams and organizations concerning their context, doing, abilities, convictions, roles and affiliation. This can take place in the form of workshops, events, communication measures and other change-related measures. Operations  are regarded holistically as system, which resembles more a living organism than a wheelwork with computable dependence. Appropriate advisory activities can be found in the field of change management, e.g. systemic organization consultation, learning  organization, individual and team coaching.

The leadership of a business, a product and the employees is in principle classical meaning design.  All stakeholders expect transparency in a format that they can understand and digest. Technical implementation of the established management methods needs common understanding of the participants, in order to obtain the desired result. Half of Success  is based on appropriate, goal-oriented communication. Meaning design supplies the foundation for this.


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©memecon 2011-2018
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