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Continuous learning, enhancement and exercise achieve mastery in an enterprise, area or as an individual.  In order to get an organization, characterized by ability, appropriate definitions are required. Tools to support are governance, skill management and a pro-active change management. In governance the organizational core pillars are described, e.g. principles,  guidelines, metrics. In skill management, roles and skills are integrated into so-called skillsets. The pro-active change management does not only react to problems, but enables continuous renewing, as the business (e.g. business model, concepts, and  culture) becomes analyzed.

Meaning design is in this phase particularly challenged, since the results, which were developed in  the past, are being questioned again. In this phase, participation of all stakeholders is crucial. In principle, this phase never ends, as long as the organization exists. New ideas can be continuously developed by meaning design and eventually in this  phase built into the current business.


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©memecon 2011-2018
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