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Idea development

Idea development is the part of meaning design, in which ideas are developed, topics are structured  and concepts are developed. Information age gave us a transparency, which provides us access to many ideas of the world. These flood us and change faster, than they can be processed by us. We experience this less as enrichment, but rather as pressure.  Paradoxically this leads in business reality to fewer ideas, approaches and concepts. It is communicated first, done and then reflected. Idea development decelerates and structures the crucial, early phases: recognize, thematize and draft.

Meaning Design produces consistent and viable concepts. Idea development makes ideas visible, that  problem and goal specification enables a thematic classification. On this basis alternative concepts thought-out and finally a Concept are then favored. Stable concepts that are this way provided form the basis for communication. The core question is:  What is the concern?

Ideas come to your mind surprisingly at any time. These Ideas are perceived in the mind and often in the whole body. However, even individuals have difficulties  to seize …
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T Topics result from the review of the ideas, the correspondent problems and the derived goals. The goals can be derived from the problems by looking at certain  …
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Concepts describe alternatives for the realization of a topic. The components that are relevant for conversion are described in a structured way. The substantial  …
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©memecon 2011-2018
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