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That Glossary contains a wordcloud about meaning design and own short definitions.


Ambiguity provides two or more meanings of speech, pictures, sounds and other perceptions.


Assoziation ist die spontane Verknüpfung von geistigen Inhalten (z.B. Erinnerungen, mentale Modelle und Fähigkeiten), die spontan auftreten.


Communication is in and/or mutual dissemination of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, gustatory  or other messages between communication participants by using a transmitting media.


Culture is everything that people materially and idealistically create and use - things/systems, behavior  and thinking.


Design is the process of the need-oriented development, production and adjustment of form, function  and semantics of objects (i.e. things, concepts, roles).  


Faith is emotional conviction and absolute certainty of a worldview that cannot be proven by facts.


Fantasy is conception and imaginative ability that allows feelings, thoughts, ideas, topics, concepts  to be designed by memories, mental models and talents.

Information flood

Information flood is the overloading with information, which can only be mastered with a lot of effort  or not at all.


Leadership is the conscious or unconscious, direct or indirect influence on behavior of individuals,  groups and in addition systems of all kind (e.g. machines, organizations).


Meaning is the contentual nature of people, things and conceptions. Different aspects (purport, expression,  significance, activity) are pro-actively identified, interpreted and understood.


Memes are contents that people causally create and think - or how it expresses M. Csikszentmihalyi  „„any permanent pattern of matter or information produced by an act of human intentionality".


Memefication is the conscious designing of meme for an improved informing by using effective, virulent  messages.


Multisensory is feeling, perception and consciousness with the various senses - visually, auditory,  kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory (shortened vakog).


Nymes are words that describe alternative meaning of words, like e.g. the synonym, antonym or homonym.


Transparency is the visibility, transparency and comprehensibility of facts, ideas, topics and concepts,  and enterprises, political, economic and cultural systems as well as other organizations for selected target groups.


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©memecon 2011-2018
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