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In the Duden, a german kind of OED, you can find the following words „ meaning, meaning improvement,  meaning loss, meaning development, meaning extension, meaning content, meaning emptiness ". In the OED, you find "meaning, meaning-analysis, meaning-area, meaning-change, meaning-relation, meaning-unit, meaningful, meaningless, meaningness". However,  in both dictionaries you do not find yet the words „meaning design ". In German, it is closely related to the word ‘word’. If we extend the existing definitions to all senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting), then the  existing terms contribute al lot the definition of meaning design. The fact that meaning can be arranged shows the word „meaning improvement ". With this field of association, the following descriptions should activate your unconscious notion of  the term. Eventually it leads to the insight that meaning design was always an important aspect of private and vocational life.

While we get closer to "meaning design", a little bit of thinking leads to the following questions:

  • What is the definition of meaning design?

  • What means ‚meaning `?

  • What is the meaning behind the Word ‚design’?

  • Where is meaning?

  • Is there a meaning object?

In the following Descriptions are some Elements, the Meaning Design constitute. Beginning with the  Term actually, over the Components ‚Meaning ` and ‚Organization `, up to the Carriers of the Meaning and the Meaning Object, the Meme.

Meaning Design
Meaning design is the conscious process of need-oriented development, production and adjustment of form, function and semantics of meaning with the elements .…
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Meaning is contentual nature of humans, things and conceptions. Different variations  (purport, expression, significance, activity) are recognized pro-actively,  interpreted …
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Design is the process of the need-oriented development, production and adjustment of form, function and semantics of objects (i.e. things, concepts, roles). …
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Meaning Carrier
Meaning carrier is processing instances, memory and transmitters of meaning. Without meaning carrier signification does not become visible. The crucial …
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Memes are part of everything that humans originally create and think - or how it expresses M. Csikszentmihalyi „any permanent pattern of matter or information  …
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