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Communication covers all elements, which belong to dissemination of thoughts. Results of thinking lead  to more or less target-group-oriented formulation, which, under use of an appropriate medium, is transferred. Difficulties of communication are on the one hand the fact that thereby meaning is lost or at least falsified. On the other hand, receivers define  with their associations and interpretations the meaning that they incorporate in their consciousness. In the context of communication, meaning design supports the formal arrangement of messages for the respective communication channels. However, communication  is not terminated with the transmission of the message. It belongs also the observation of the impact, which reaches the receivers. If necessary correcting measures are required, this enables receivers to understand the intended message as well as possible.

In the context of communication verbalization, the so-called wording plays a central Role. It should  not be ignored that there are further communication channels, apart from the word. ‚A picture says more than a thousand words’ might be known by everybody. Apart from visualization, i.e. the figurative conversion of the message, the processing  within other sense domains is becoming increasingly important. Examples are smells in cars or books, which transport additionally the message of the product. As consequence of communication, the impact becomes visible in action.


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