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Com management

Communication management takes care of a target-group-oriented formatting of the respective concept.  In addition, the publication process is accompanied, arising problems solved, actively looked for discussion, and above all the acceptance of the Audience ensured by commitment and consent management. Thus, communication measures are not simply published  but communication management used as active instrument to remove resistance, i.e. for setting up support for the parties involved. Communication management consists of the four Phases: formulate, perceive, understand and agree.

Meaning design targets an audience as broad as possible. At the subjectively critical points, interaction  approaches (e.g. personal discussions) are used that allows the involved parties to play a part. The core questions are: How do we reach the target group? What did they understand? How do we get broad support?

The main interest of formulating is the target-group-oriented formatting of the concept. For this purpose, the target group is identified, described and profiled  as …
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With the publication, the realization of communication measures takes place. It is accompanied by active listening and observing. Thus, it is ensured that the …
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All messages have naturally a large variance of interpretation space. Mental models, memories and abilities as well as expectations and affect each individual …
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The substantial task of communication is to transfer the concepts to the target group, to promote acceptance, to obtaining consent and to achieve active support.  Final. …
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