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Change dynamics

Change dynamics define the types of change. This is about gradual differences of change. The four ideal  dynamic ranges go from the determination of the baseline, over maintaining the current condition, continuous improvement, up to the radical change.

In the first stage, insight, everybody becomes aware of the actual status and thus the baseline for further changes created. In the second stage, balance, arising changes are compensated by purposeful correction, in order to maintain the current condition.  Starting from the third stage, change of first order, first small changes are established. If these improvements happen continuously, this can result on a long-term basis in large changes. In the last stage of change dynamics, change of second order,  radical changes take place. With this alteration, actions, deliverables or organizations are omitted. This means that they are no longer done, replaced by new or even reinvented solutions.

Meaning design is a change activity and can therefore be classified by the change dynamics. The core  question is: Which degree at change should be supported by meaning design?


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©memecon 2011-2018
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