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Business designing

In the context of business designing the practice-oriented, detailed arrangement of concepts communicated  takes place. In business engineering begins the conversion phase, the first-time operation, using different models, e.g. system, business, organizational, business process and project management models. The relevant maps serve in business for documentation,  alignment and orientation. For example on this basis in project management, competencies and tasks are assigned. Afterwards, continuous improvement takes place in change management e.g. active governance and constant skill management. Business designing  consists of two Phases: do and know.

Meaning Design is particularly important to business designing, since the power of the actual becomes  in this phase quite important. During documentation, it is important that the description is as close as possible at the reality. Here applies: "The map is not the territory". Therefore, it is necessary to find the right abstraction level, which is so  detailed that the models are useful. However, in order to minimize documentation efforts, they should not be more detailed. The core question is: Which Information do I need, in order to be able to steer business?

Doing in the broadest sense is the scope of the business engineering. Business-related aspects are created practically, implemented and used the first time. …
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Continuous learning, enhancement and exercise achieve mastery in an enterprise, area or as an individual. In order to get an organization, characterized by …
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