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Meaning design is of special interest, where people fight with meaning. This begins with individuals,  who would like to cope with their understanding of the world - e.g. questions of personal perception and enhancement, problems and conflicts with others. However, emphasis lies in social fabrics, groups, organizations and networks. This is mainly about  alignment of different views and interests - e.g. strategy development, planning of any kind, communication projects, businesses engineering and governance

Faith in technology and the rational development of management led to the fact that people come off  badly with their individual interests. Already Michael Hammer noticed in the context of reengineering that you cannot organize over the heads of people. Small chances of implementation have the most intelligent solutions, the best projects, the most effective  measures, if participants do not accept them. It is here where meaning design is applied. Concepts are better prepared, described and communicated. Communication does not happen one-way, but in dialogue. Management projects are getting this way a higher  implementation probability since the concerned people become participants.

Application area
Target group, benefits, and change dynamics define the operational areas of meaning design. Target groups are the potential users of meaning design.…
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The deliverables of meaning design extend over the entire spectrum of Consulting: resources, method, analysis and management supply. The supply of resources …
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