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Action consists of all activities, which usually accompany or follow communication. This includes behavior,  activities and follow-up measures. The visible behavior of the sender, in the wider surroundings of communication, should fit the message, e.g. the message „We work in an open organizational culture "requires an appropriate openness by setting  an example. Accompanying activities in the course of publication, e.g. discussions, explanations and motivation measures, make the message for receivers understandable. Finally, subsequent activities, which are triggered by the communication, e.g. measures  for the repositioning or future design of organizations, should fit the original messages. Contrary to thinking, acting is visible to everybody. Communication is confirmed or questioned by the power of actual doing. Actions, which do not fit to the original  intention, cause expressions like „I didn’t mean that "or „how can one misunderstand in such a way ".

Meaning design of action works by the fact that meaning of saying is strengthened or not by conscious  meaning design of doing. This takes place with the positioning and characterization of groups, the organization of futures as strategy development and even with the coaching. At the end, it is a matter of designing and controlling the impact of acting.  ‚One cannot not communicate’ means with acting that each activity ALWAYS implies messages. To consciously steering those, improves the effect for others. Thus, the circle of consciousness closes and the cycle begins again.


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©memecon 2011-2018
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